Outline of topics

como08-061Living awareness

 These topics are non-sectarian and are particularly useful in improving the quality of work and everyday  experience.  Each topic stands on it’s own, but they also hang together to make a cohesive approach.

The main topics for each session

1) Having a clear direction

  • Mindfulness practice is particularly effective for giving yourself new directions and following that direction. It develops the ability to be wholehearted and fully behind what you are doing and to be clear that is what you want to be doing.

2) Sustaining attention

  • Mindfulness gives you the ability to stay with what you decide you are going to do and not get caught up in other things. This continious and whole hearted attention is one of the most useful skills that regular mindfulness practice develops.

3) Having a connected sense of yourself

  • One of the particular strengths of mindfulness practice is feeling connected, this combines a sense of your body and your mind together into a unified whole.  One of the main skills of awareness is catching the starting point of tension and pressure. This awareness gives you the space to make different choices.

4) Awareness gives genuine choice

  • In this part of the course we will explore how your practice of mindfulness gives you the sensitivity to notice when the first signs of how worry and anxiety arise and how to create the space to have a genuine choice in how to deal with it.

5) Developing a richness of experience

  • In Meditation you can find yourself jumping away into interesting trains of thought, captivating fantasy or sinking into more sleepy states without catching what triggers that off. Here we are noticing the triggers which send us into interpretations of what is actually happening and into areas we have not consciously decided to enter.

6: Developing positive states of mind

Meditation develops awareness of what is here but it also helps to cultivate positive qualities which are essential to living a positive and creative life.

 Additional material:

Mindfulness as a basis for good communication

  • Mindfulness helps the mind be more open, flexible and engaged, which are  important skills for communication. 

 General introduction to the qualities of awareness which are central to mindfulness

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