Topic 6: Developing positive states of mind

Meditation develops awareness of what is here but it also helps to cultivate positive qualities which are essential to living a positive and creative life.

Using imagery and the imagination to cultivate particular fundamental qualities

In these meditations you will visually create conditions which will stimulate particular positive qualities which you then enter into and stay with.

The first quality you will start with creating the conditions for is being for your and others welfare.

How easy this is depends on your particular circumstances at the time, If you are particularly agitated then it may take longer. But it can also depend on how used you are to doing this kind of thing. The more practised you are the easier it is in any circumstances.

The sequence we will go through in the meditations

Firstly we will do the usual setting up of our intentions to explore what is here in our experience and to stay with it.

Then we start exploring the particular sensations and feelings that are here in the whole sense of ourselves sitting here. This is a broad sense of ourselves.

We arrive into the experience rather than just observing it. And stay with it moment to moment.

Then explore, arrive into and stay with the whole body.

Then the belly, abdomen and chest.

Then start to pay particular attention to the sensations of the breath and the continuity of the breath.

Stay with it

Then be open to the quality of being for your lungs being clear, clean and healthy, keep the sense of the breath and the being for your lungs together.

Stay with it

Then bring to mind the image and sense of a good friend who you are for and care for their welfare. As the quality of being for them arises stay with it in relation to the image of that person. Even though the image is something you are creating with your imagination  the response  of being for them is real and you can then stay with that and it has it’s own life in this moment. Allow the sense of being for them permeate you and the whole sense of them. Within this stage there can be aware that you both need to breath and have health generally.

This can be repeated  with different friends and collegues  you do not know very well or any strong likes or dislikes for  even for people you do not like.

At the end have the intention to keep a continuity of the awareness you have developed and to keep in touch with the quality of being for yours and others health and welfare.

Guided meditation on being for the welfare of the body

The quality of being for the welfare of beings