General introduction


Qualities of awareness

sunsetThe particular kind of awareness which we are exploring and coming into is experiential rather than dominated by mental commentary about what is happening.

The quality of this kind of experiential awareness is open and pliant, rather than narrow and fixed. It is gentle and sensitive rather than hard and always going to the obvious. It approaches life in an explorative way rather than through assumptions

Having genuine choice

This kind of whole, connected and sensitive awareness makes an immediate difference to the content of your experience. It brings about the possibility of choice and being clearly in the driving seat rather than being dominated by unconscious or habitual emotional and mental patterns.


In terms of self-awareness mindfulness is founded on these two primary intentions

*  Being present and alive to your experience rather than being pre-occupied or away in thoughts or fantasy

*  Having a whole, connected and directed sense of yourself. Which includes all aspects of your body and mind in relationship to each other.

On the basis of self-awareness mindfulness can be applied to every aspect of your life.

A general-introduction to Mindfulness Audio

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Guided-meditation, Coming into awareness of the breath

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Mindfulness and work