Topic 1: Having a clear direction

Having a focus

This page has content on the  topic of general intentions in relationship to being aware.

Having a clear sense of direction.

Mindfulness practice is particularly effective for giving yourself new directions and following that direction. It develops the ability to be wholehearted and fully behind what you are doing and to be clear that is what you want to be doing.

The quality of awareness

An important direction is pointing yourself in the direction of the kind of awareness which is experiential rather than dominated by just thought and commentary about what is happening.

Having a whole, connected and directed sense of yourself.

This kind of awareness includes all aspects of your body and mind in relationship to each other.


Primary intentions in relationship to being aware.

  • To explore what is here.
  • Come into the experience of it.
  • Stay with with a sense of continuity of the experience so it can grow and develop or be let go of.
  • To be in the point of interaction and connection between the body and mind. For the body this includes  all it’s senses and for the mind it includes the richness of the mind- All forms of thinking, General moods and emotion the imagination and intuition.

Awareness always makes a difference

The basic meditation.

We will use this format of meditation all through the course to draw out and explore the main topics.

First Intentions; Take a few moments to bring to mind your general direction and intentions in the meditation.

  • To explore what is here
  • Come into the experience
  • Stay with with a sense of continuity of the experience.
  • Explore the particular topic of the course, eg: openess.

Exploring the whole sense of yourself sitting here

  • The basic question is How do I feel?
  • Being open to the whole range of body and mind experiences
  • Asking, What else is here. Going beyond the obvious.

Paying attention to the body

  • You can start by exploring the sensations in the whole lower part of the body from the feet up to the waist
  • Then having a sense of the upper body from the waist-up
  • . Then coming into an awareness of your face and nostrils.
  • Then with an in-breath follow the breath into the lungs and the experience of the breath from the inside.

The Breath

  • Firstly noticing all the sensations, feelings and qualities in the torso area which are the result of  the  natural breathing process.
  • The whole sense of the breath as a continuous experience as it comes in and goes out.
  • Paying attention to the particular obvious sensations which are caused by the breathing process.
  • The nostrils, the particular sensations as the breath comes in and out.


  • Coming back to a sense of the whole body
  • Having the intention to keep a sense of continued presence and awareness.

Course project

Write out at least 2 activities or areas of your life in which you would like to be more mindful in the coming week

The intention to be present to your experience

Being present and alive to your experience is a primary intention in mindfulness practice, this short video explores this topic.

Practical skills in keeping to your direction

One of the main ways that we exercise and train ourself in having a clear direction is by doing a meditation which focuses on the breath. This short video explores the principle of having the intention to anchor our attention on something specific in this instance the breath.

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